So you get up day after day and you go to work. You are one of the hardest working person you know. Just about everyone around you is taking a vacation, but not you. So you continue your revolving cycle at your 9-5. The weekends come and is over before you know it. Somedays you feel so overwhelmed with the stress of day to day life that every now and then you take a sick day from work. Although you are not really sick, you just want an extra day off to relax. Except you don’t really relax, do you? At least not when you have all those chores to catch up on. Hey you figure that have all these sick days, why not use them?

So here is a question, what about those vacation days that you have just sitting there? Oh, that’s right, you are saving those for that vacation you have been planning for the last five years. Only the timing is never right. Or better yet, your bank account keeps telling you to go sit down somewhere because you can’t afford it.

Finally one day you decided that you are going to take that vacation getaway. You are going to do some research and find something affordable. Then it occurs to you that no one is available to go with you now that you have made up your mind to go on a vacation. If you wait for someone to be available to go with you, you might change your mind or put it off for a later time. You keep putting it off, now another five years fly on by.

Why didn’t you just go alone? Oh, I get it; if you traveled with someone, you can split the cost of the vacation and save some money.

So here is the thing. Did you know that you can book a vacation, and stay at a five star resort for up to 3 nights for a total of under $100? That seem crazy,  right? Trust me it’s not  crazy, it’s amazing.

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