Are you one of those people who does not look forward to Mondays? That means you have the Monday Blues. Mondays should be a fresh start. Its a good day to put your plans for the week into motion. Its the first day of the work week for most of us. Look at the upside, its one day closer to the weekend. So don’t let the monday blues get you down.

Monday is the start or something new. Its a new work week. A new opportunity to make more money. You woke up this morning and you are alive. How about feeling blessed because you lived to see another day.

To help you feel better about mondays, make positive plans for mondays. Maybe you want to make a larger profit in your business today, or maybe you want to make extra tips today. You can DVR you favorite show from over the weekend and save it to watch when you get home on mondays. Give youself something good to look forward to on Mondays. Then at least you willl have something exciting to look forward to on Mondays.

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