It’s no secret that teachers are over worked and under paid. They need to have the patience of a saint to be able to do what they do.  Teachers help with molding and shaping our children into the adults they will one day become.

So as we begin this new school year, let’s keep our teachers in mind. Let us all do our part to make our teachers jobs a little bit easier.  So get those items on the supply list. Get a little extra if you can, to balance out for those parents who simply cannot financially afford to get everything on their supply list.  Incomplete supply lists eventually comes out of the teachers “under paid” pockets.

To all the hard working teachers out there, I say, thank you. Thank you for taking care our children everyday. Hopefully you will find some time for yourself, and take care of yourself, and when you do, take a vacation one weekend to relax and enjoy yourself.

Here is one way you can afford to do that. Teachers can save an extra 10%  on already discounted vacations, click here, mention code: educator10 and save.