Black Lives Matter…Too

You are probably living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement. It is currently on the forefront again since the the death of another African American man at the hands of the police, or in this case the knee of the police. This led to a lot of outrage and gained international coverage and people marched in protest all across the country.

There are still many people who are offended by the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” some people prefer the phrase ” All Lives Matter.” Of course all lives should matter, but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The lives of black people doesn’t seem to matter to some people. The “Black Lives Matter” movement is trying to tell people that black lives also matter and they should be treated as equals to their white counterparts.
In no way, shape, or form is this movement denouncing the fact that white lives or any other race do not matter. It’s about a race of people that were never treated as if they mattered for hundreds of years and they are tired of it. They are marching in solidarity and they need their voices to be heard.

Now, for those people who would like to change the narrative from “Black Lives Matter” to “All Lives Matter” You are missing the point and the reasons behind the BLM movement. Please understand that the BLM movement is also fighting for a change in that narrative. You would be surprised to know that they are also fighting to be included in the “All Lives Matter” movement. In reality, not all black people are included in the narrative of “All Lives Matter.” They are cast to the side, they are on the outside looking in. African Americans are waiting in line, waiting to get in the privileged club called “All lives Matter.”

The problem is, they are not allowed in that club because the gate keepers won’t allow them in. They are kept out of the club every time they are passed over for a job they qualify for and given to a white person. In some cases the person who gets the job is less qualified, and has less experience and is given the job instead because they are white. They are kept out of the club every time the same Judge orders a harsher, longer sentence than a white person for committing the exact same crime. They are kept out of the club every time they try to rent an apartment or purchase a house in a certain neighborhood and is told there is nothing available, but then a few minutes later there will be availability when a white person inquires about the same thing. They are kept out of the club every time one of them dies at the hands of the police for a minor traffic stop while a white person who just committed murder is taken into custody without incident and is offered food and water before and during transport.

The BLM movement is not saying only black lives matter. They are saying back lives matter, too. They want to be treated as equals, too. They want make it home to their families after an encounter with the police, too. They want to rent an apartment and purchase a house in a certain neighborhood, too. They want to stop being passed over for a promotion to a less qualified white person, too. They want a Judge to give them a fair sentence, too. They want to not have to be followed around the department store in fear that they are going to steal, too. They want to go about their day to day lives without being constantly racially profiled, too. They want their lives to matter just as equally as white lives matter, too.

So until all races are included and treated equally, my suggestion would be for the “All Lives matter” movement, to change their narrative to “All Lives Should Matter.” As we can see today, not all lives matter. Not all men are created equally as the Declaration of Independence suggest. I would also suggest for the Black lives Matter” movement to change their narrative to “All Lives Matter Too.” If all lives really mattered, there would be no movements, there would be no outrage or protest. We would all be living together peacefully.

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Join the movement for change and equality. Certainly all lives matter is what we all strive for. The Declaration of Independence states that “All Men are Created Equal.” Is this statement really true? All men may have been created equally at conception. But are all men being treated equally? The Black community may say otherwise. Lets all work together to change that so that those fine words in the Declaration will ring true.


What are your thoughts?

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