So I am a nurse and I work for a hospital. You are probably living under a rock if you are not aware of the worldwide spread of the Corona Virus. We are all aware of how quickly the virus spreads as well as how deadly it is. I just got sent to work on the covid-19 positive floor on short notice.

If you pay attention to the media, you know that there are a lot of issues with getting the proper PPE (personal protective Equipment) and so many healthcare workers and First Responders are getting sick and dying.

I, however, was not a part of that group. Although I work at the hospital, I didn’t work first hand with patients. My nursing role was mostly administrative and I had Very little face to face contact with patients. Then just a few days ago I went to work and there was an email from our department head, stating that the nurses in my department will mostly likely go into a float pool and be re-assigned to different nursing units throughout the hospital to do face to face nursing care.

How I found out

Our Supervisor told us that we will probably have a meeting with our department head a some point later that day to further discuss what is going to happen. That meeting never happened. Two days went by, still no meeting. Towards the end of the second day, with less that two hours to go in my shift, I got called into the supervisor’s office only to be told that I am getting sent to one of the nursing units the next day.

Now I have to work weekends

Then to top it off, i’m being told that I now have to work weekends starting that weekend. I am usually off on weekends. I tried explaining to her that that will be a difficult thing to do considering that I have young children and no child care coverage on the weekends. She said she would speak to the Nurse Manager who is in charge of doing the schedule an get back to me.

Before she can get back to me, she came back with the dept head and he basically stated that it is unfair to me that they expect me to just start working weekends when it was never a part of my original schedule. He thinks that they should at least try to accommodate me with a schedule as close to my original schedule as possible. He then told the supervisor to see what she can do to fix this.

She Had Good And Bad News

So maybe about half an hour before the end of my shift, my supervisor came back. She said she had good news and bad news, I opted for the bad news first. She said “not only do the want you to do rotating weekends, they want you to do evenings and night shifts as well.” I laughed, not because I though it was funny, but because i’m at a loss for words as to how we got to this point. How did we go from trying to get me off on the weekends to now working, weekends, evenings, and nights? The good news was that, they have taken me off the weekend schedule for the first two weeks. I still have to work evenings and nights. That is basically how I learned that I will be sent to work on the covid-19 positive floor on short notice.

I then began asking all these questions. Where are they sending me? What unit will I be working on? Will I be offered some type of orientation? What will be my duties? I asked so many questions, but my supervisor did not have any of the answers. All she knew was that I had to report the next day and report to the nurse she tells me to report to and that nurse will give me my assignment.

That’s what i did. I reported to work the next day, found that nurse and was given my assignment. Where was I assigned you asked? You guessed it, The Covid-19 floor of course. Find out how my first day on the Covid-19 floor went in my next upcoming post.

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