President Donald Trump got impeached so what’s next? So now that the democrats have voted to impeach the president, what is the next step? Since the House vote doesn’t actually means that the President is getting kicked out of the white house, what will really happen? certainly there will be some time before the Senates get to vote, what will be the President’s role during that time?

What’s next now that President Trump is impeached?

Will President Trump just hang around the White House? We are all asking the same question; which is, now that President Donald Trump got impeached what’s next? Will he still be allowed to make executive decisions? Or will he have to move out of the white house until all this impeachment issues are cleared up. Will he still be allowed to continue his campaign tour for the 2020 election? I need answers.

Here are some answers

The house vote for impeachment does not actually impeach the president. Meaning that he does not immediately have to pack up his belongings and leave; the Senate still have to vote. FYI, the Senate is majority Republicans. Another FYI, not one republican voted in the House to impeach. It is unlikely that any Senate Republicans will vote to Impeach. The Senate will most likely acquit the Presidents and he will be allowed to stay in office. It is not yet clear what the impact will be on Trumps, 2020 campaign. If he is still allowed to continue his campaign, his name is stained by this Impeachment. At this point, we are all going to have to play the “wait, watch and see” game.

I think President Trump will spend the next next few weeks trying to prove why he should not leave the white house. We should expect some really great executive orders coming from the white house over the next few weeks. His powers have not completely been stripped. At this point he has a lot to prove and will be putting his best foot forward. If the Senate was planning on going through with this impeachment, i’m sure the President has a few tricks up his sleeve to sway their votes in his favor.