With so many beauty products on the market, it becomes challenging to even try to keep up with them all. One of the things that I really like is eyelash extensions. The bigger the better. I get asked on a regular basis how do I apply them. I’m always getting comments from ladies who would love to wear eyelash extensions, but they struggle with applying them. I tell them that I totally understand their frustration. It took a lot of practice to get to a place of comfort and ease with applying my lashes today. however, I tell these ladies that there are other options.

One of those options are Magnetic Eyelashes. It’s as simple as it sounds. There’s no messy glue involved. Here is how it works. You have the option of purchasing a kit. The kit includes the lashes, the eyeliner and a tweezer. The eyeliner has micro bits of magnetic particles in it; while the band of the actual lash is magnetic. You simply apply the magnetic eyeliner to your eyelid as close as possible to you own natural eyelashes then apply the eyelash to the eyeliner that you just applied. The magnetic eyelash will them attach itself to the eyeliner. Like magic, it just snaps right on. No glue, no mess and no stress.

Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

Are you tired of struggling to put on your eyelash extensions? Try these Magnetic Eyelashes, no glue, no mess, just snap them on and go.


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