On the first day of third grade, I dropped off my seven year old daughter at school. Her school uniform was nicely pressed. Her hair was neatly in place since her visit to the hair salon the previous day. She was wearing her new pink and gray sneakers that she picked out because it went well with her new gray school uniform pants.

Her new pink backpack was packed with a new pink notebook and purple folder, as well as pencils and a fancy gel pen. I made sure to add her pencil case with the picture of a cute cat on it. I didn’t forget to add extra erasers and a personal pencil sharpener. I even added a snack and just incase the air conditioner gets too cold, I put a sweater in her backpack as well. To say the least, she was ready for the first day of school.

Then at the end of the shool day, I couldn’t beleive my eyes. This was not the same little girl I dropped off at school this morning. Nope it can’t be. Her hair was out of place and then there was the paint. She had paint in her hair, on her face, shirt, sweater, pants, sneakers and her backpack. But before I got the chance to say anything, she says to me, “the reason why I am so dirty, is because I had art class today.” So what? that is not a good excuse, I asked her if the teacher didnt provide smocks, she said yes, but her smock must have had a lot of holes in it.

Thankfully it was washable paint, but I was still at a lost for words. I mean come on, its the first day of school for crying out loud. She could have at least waited until the second week of school. I would have even settled for the second day of school.

Does anyone else have a first day of school story? comment below.

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