Step up to the Podium Jussie Smollet, and claim your Oscar. Oh, you didn’t write a “thank you” speech? That’s o.k, just use the speech you planned and rehearsed beforehand. Go ahead thank the African American community, and the LGBT community.

With all the racial divide and the history of racism towards African Americans, did Jussie Smollet create further setbacks? Did he also create setbacks for the LGBT community? Did he inadvertently push the MAGA supporters one step foward? There are so many different angles to look at. I don’t know what the truth is, at least not yet, its all still playing out in the media. He has yet to come forward and  admit that he was lying. So innocent until proven guilty in a court of law it is, I guess.

I am trying to figure out what would lead him to the planning and carrying out such an elaborate plan. To go through the lengths of paying someone to attack him is unbelievable. Then he went and had a sit down interview on national television to tell his story and convince everyone that he was not lying. Now looking back on that interview, it makes you think, how could anyone not tell that he was lying? Just remember, he is an actor. He is able to act in an manner that portrays someone else.  He is able to tell a story written for him, or in this case, the one he wrote for himself. This may be his biggest acting role yet.

But does he desrve this oscar? He didn’t do the proper research for this role. He communicated with his attackers via text, he knew one or both of them, and he payed them with a check. He probably should have watched a few episodes of Forensic Files. His cell phone records can be pulled, or the attackers can simply keep the text messages to keep as evidence just in case things go left. He payed with a check. Whatever happened to paying with cash in situations like these?

Then he was out alone at 2am in the morning to get a sandwich from Subway. Is he pregnant and having late night craves? Did he wake up and thought “must.have.footlong”? This is after allegedly receiving a threatening letter. Sadly the surveillance camera didn’t catch the attack as he had hoped.

Was the mentioning of the LGBT derogatory “F” word the whipped cream while the rope noose the cherry on top? Also, how does the mentioning of MAGA play a role in all this?

So many questions I need answered.

Here you have a talented actor on a hit T.V show, also a talented singer, with so much going for him, yet it seems as if its  not enough for him. He wanted more, and he has the potential to accomplish so much more, but he went about it the wrong way.

Think about all the members of the LGBT community who gets attacked and discriminated against on a regular basis. Should they now be afraid of coming foward to report their attacks due to the fear of not being believed? Will African Americans endure increased racism because apparently they have been lying for hundreds of years that they are being discriminated against?

As this story continues to play out in the media, I hope we can all have real answers.


What are your thoughts on the Jussie Smollet saga?