We all want to be that person we see that is always on vacation. Life gets in the way though, so we can’t really be that person. We can however stay true to who we are without breaking those wallets and purses.  Staying on a budget that we are comfortable with is definitely possible; we just have to know where to look.  You can take a vacation for less than half price or for free.

Sure you can look at all the different travel booking websites that claim to offer the best in travel deals. I am sure you were already doing that in the past, but it’s still not priced at a price that you would like, considering they are suppose to be travel deals. You can go to the hotel websites directly, but then you find that those prices aren’t that cheap either.

What if you want to take a quick trip to Florida? You search and search for the best prices. You want a beautiful hotel close to or on the beach with a pool and close to everything. Why not, its Florida for crying out loud. You know what, just for the heck of it, take a few minutes and look up hotel prices with all those amenities. Did you do it? The prices are pretty hefty, aren’t they, or at least the nice hotels are.  What  if I give you a “real example” of a cheap vacation?

What if I tell You can stay in Orlando, Florida in a beautiful  2 bedroom suite hotel with a pool and lakeside beach for three whole days and 2 nights for a total price of $59. Sounds unreal huh? It’s real, check it out here. Follow the link, once you are there, scroll down to the “view specials” Tab. There you will see this and other vacation packages, some are even cheaper than this example. Pretty cool right, and that is how you can take a vacation for half price or free.

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